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North Carolina Lieutenant Governor to support campus free speech effort

North Carolina is moving toward enacting campus free speech legislation based on the Goldwater Institute model, and the effort has a strong supporter in Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. Stanley Kurtz reports in National Review:

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has just announced his intention to work with members of the General Assembly to pass the Restore Campus Free Speech Act, a bill designed to protect freedom of speech within University of North Carolina system. North Carolina’s Restore Campus Free Speech Act is closely based on the model campus free speech legislation I published last week in collaboration with Arizona’s Goldwater Institute. I have been working with Dan Forest’s office since shortly after I laid out “A Plan to Restore Free Speech On Campus” here at NRO in late 2015. Forest and his staff provided critical early encouragement and support for the approach that eventuated in the Goldwater proposal, and in what will shortly be the proposed North Carolina Restore Campus Free Speech Act.

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