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Will Free Speech Survive
at American University?

In her 2016 convocation speech, Brown University President Christina Paxson explained that a reporter had recently asked school officials if Brown had established any “safe spaces” on campus. “What on earth are they referring to?” Paxson said. “Idea-free zones staffed by thought police, where disagreement is prohibited?”


Yes, precisely such spaces. Sadly, this kind of challenge to campus free speech is now widespread. Surveys show that student support for restrictive speech codes and speaker bans is at historic heights.


Join the American University chapter of Students for Free Expression, Young Americans for Liberty, and The Goldwater Institute on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm EST, as we host a panel discussion on whether free speech on college campuses will survive. Our expert panelists include:


  • Jim Manley, Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow and Attorney for Pacific Legal Foundation

  • Stanley Kurtz, Journalist and Senior Fellow for the Ethics and Public Policy Center

  • Dr. Siri Terjesen, Dean's Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship the Kogod School of Business and Director of the AU Center for Innovation

  • Annamarie Rienzi, Former DC State Chair of Young Americans for Liberty and AU student

Event Location:

4400 Massachussetts Avenue NW

Kerwin Hall 2

Washington, DC 20016

Click here to register now!

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