Wisconsin State House Committee passes campus free speech bill based on Goldwater Institute model

Wisconsin's House Higher Education Committee passed a bill to restore free speech on campus, based on the Goldwater Institute's model legislation. The Wisconsin State Journal reports: The Assembly’s higher education committee passed an amended version of a Republican-backed campus speech bill Tuesday that requires University of Wisconsin System institutions to punish students who take part in disruptive protests. Changes to the legislation spelled out more specifically the types of disruptions that could lead to discipline for UW students and employees. They also toughened penalties for those who run afoul of the new rules by requiring universities to expel any student who violates the polic

Louisiana House passes campus free speech bill closely based on the Goldwater proposal

Yesterday, by a margin of 66 to 26, the Louisiana House passed a campus free speech bill closely based on the Goldwater proposal. Stanley Kurtz, who co-authored the Goldwater Institute's model legislation, writes more in National Review: The disgraceful failure of Middlebury College to seriously sanction the students who shouted down Charles Murray has green-lighted mob violence on America’s college campuses. The only realistic hope of countering this problem now lies in bills currently winding their way through legislatures in several states. While various campus free speech bills are on offer, only legislation based on the proposal I co-authored with the Jim Manley and Jonathan Butcher of

Louisiana House panel approves campus free speech bill based on Goldwater model

The Louisiana House Education Committee today approved a bill to restore free speech at public universities, based on the Goldwater Institute's model legislation. The Advocate reports: A bill aimed at ensuring free speech on Louisiana campuses, and penalizing students who disrupt it, won approval Tuesday in the House Education Committee. "Freedom of speech is dying on some college campuses in America today," said Rep. Lance Harris, R-Alexandria and sponsor of the bill. "If you don't believe me, pick up the paper and look," said Harris, who is chairman of the state House Republican Caucus. The legislation, House Bill 269, would direct colleges and university management boards to spell out pol

California legislator introduces campus free speech act

California Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, announced today that she introduced legislation to ensure the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech is protected and preserved throughout all of California’s college campuses. From her press release: “The first amendment is a cornerstone to this country’s founding document. Our Constitution is clear, all persons, despite race, religion, or creed, have the right to freely voice their opinion without fear of retribution,” said Melendez.“Recently, we’ve seen a trend on California’s college campuses of stifling free speech. The fact that college administrators have done nothing to ensure all of their students’ liberties are pr

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