It’s Up to the States to Protect Free Speech on Campus

A legislative proposal from Kentucky will generate fewer headlines than a White House announcement in the Rose Garden. Yet while this week’s federal order to protect free speech on college campuses is a welcome reminder of the need to restore First Amendment protections on campus, it trails the valuable activity in Kentucky and other states over the last two years. Kentucky lawmakers sent a proposal to Gov. Matt Bevin’s desk this week that responds to the utter contempt for free speech demonstrated on many campuses today. The proposal is an appropriate initial measure that curbs the practice of disinviting speakers based on his or her beliefs and does away with so-called “free speech zones”

Week in Review: Goldwater Defends Free Speech in Oregon

Our First Amendment rights are under attack, and the Goldwater Institute is hard at work defending the freedom of speech in courtrooms, state capitols, and on college campuses. This week, Goldwater senior attorney Jacob Huebert was in an Oregon court challenging a clear violation of the First Amendment: a state law that forces attorneys to pay dues to the state’s bar association in order for them to practice law. Because of that law, attorneys are forced to fund political advocacy that they might not agree with. And that’s simply unconstitutional. Listen to an interview with Huebert as he explains how the defense of attorney free speech is a natural next step in the fight to protect workers’

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